The Maharashtra State

The Maharashtra State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd.


The establishment and administrative matters of the permanent officers and employees of the Marketing Federation and the employees on contractual basis are handled through the Administration Department. Similarly, the work of court claims, assembly department and house keeping department etc. coming under the administration department is controlled by the administration department.


Marketing Federation has made efforts to increase its business, also Marketing Federation has implemented various schemes of the government very efficiently and has saved administrative costs. Accordingly, the work of making the financial balance sheet, trading sheet and profit and loss sheet of Marketing Federation is done through the finance department. Matters like salaries of servants, audit, financial provisions for different departments etc. are handled by the finance department.


The  Estate  department is one of the well-earning departments of the trading federations. The Marketing Federation has 128 godowns in the state with a storage capacity of 2,80,940 tonnes. That’s a ton. The warehouses of the Marketing Federation  are mainly used for storing agricultural goods like food grains, chemical fertilisers, bards, agricultural implements etc. Godown is used preferentially for government schemes. After utilization of the capacity required by the Federation for its own use, the remaining warehouse capacity is given to Maharashtra State Warehousing Corporation, Central Warehousing Corporation, Seed Corporation, member organizations of the Federation, chemical fertilizer companies on rental basis.

NAFED Procurement

The Marketing Federation acts as the principal agency of the State Government for the purchase of pulses and oilseeds on behalf of NAFED and FCI as per the base rate fixed by the Central Government through the Marketing Federation. Pulses and oilseeds of Kharif and Rabi seasons are procured every year under Minimum Aadhaar Procurement Scheme through Marketing Federation. A class members, B class members and Farmer Producer Company of the Marketing Federation are appointed from the District Marketing Office level for the said purchase. The Central Government has decided the policy for procurement of Pulses and Oilseeds under the Minimum Basic Procurement Scheme as on October 11, 2008. Accordingly, pulses and oilseeds are purchased in the state through NAFED and Food Corporation of India.

State Procurement

Under the minimum basic purchase scheme in the state, Marketing Federation has been appointed as the principal agency of the government to purchase paddy and coarse grains in the non-tribal areas of the state. Accordingly, paddy purchase orders are issued from the government level every year in September. By appointing A and B class member organizations as sub-agent organizations in district wise taluka through Marketing Federation, the said paddy and coarse grain purchasing center is started through them. Paddy procured under the Minimum Base Price Purchase Scheme is shipped through Mirlas appointed by the Marketing Federation.


Markfed as state agency sells Fertilizers of RCF, IFFCO, CRIBHCO etc. Markfed as Nodal Agency on the behalf of Government of Maharashtra implementation of fertilizers Buffer Stock Scheme. Markfed also sells Micronutrients and organic fertilizers.

Our retail and operational Fertilizer Sales Center are located at Ahmednagar and Chandrapur because of which Markfed helps in controlling excessive profiteering by private distributors.

Markfed owns 3 fertilizers factories located at

1. Chikhalthana, District Aurangabad

2. Yelgaon, District Buldhana

3. Naldurg, District Osmanabad

Markfed “Bhagirath” mix fertilizer brand is famous all over Maharashtra state. PROM and PDM products are being manufactured in Buldhana factory along with mix fertilizers.

Markfed produces “Vaibhav” brand cattle feed and are located at

1. Borvihir, District Dhule

2. Nepti, District Ahmednagar

Sales are through cooperatives and private distributors.The objective is to provide fodder to the farmers at a fair price.

Cattle Feed

Under Vaibhav Animal Feed Division there are 2 factories namely Vaibhav Animal Feed Factory Borvihir, Dhule and Vaibhav Animal Feed Factory, Nepti, Ahmednagar. The said factory has up-to-date laboratories. Vaibhav Animal Feed Factory The factory located in Borvihir, Dhule manufactures quality and healthy animal feed. The animal feed produced is mainly sold in Dhule, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Beed districts. Animal feed is also supplied to Animal Husbandry Department of Maharashtra Government and Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Goat-Sheep Development Corporation as per their demand.


Vaibhav Animal Feed Factory, Nepti, Ahmednagar factory is closed. To allow the factory to run and P.P.P. Attempts were made to give on principle but the expected response was not received. Godowns in the factory premises have been given on rent.


Claims filed by and against the Marketing Federation under the Law Division The work is observed. The said claims are filed all over Maharashtra. All of Marketing Federation Further by giving feedback in the work of making agreements in the department, conducting departmental inquiries etc It helps to work. Non deposit of paddy or rice (CMR) in paddy purchase transaction to the concerned District Marketing Officer for filing an FIR against the concerned Guidance is provided. Conduct of all legal matters under Marketing Federation can be seen.


Arrears under District wise Award under Recovery Department
Legal action for recovery after review and also, of the award
Implementation is followed up. Similarly Maharashtra
Section 156 of the Co-operative Societies Act 1960 as well as Maharashtra Receipt of recovery under Rule 107 of the Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961 District Marketing Officer/Factory to implement (award). District to Manager as Special Collection and Sales Officer The Deputy Registrar, Co-operative Societies, conferred ex-officio powers And the recovery process is going on through them.

International Nutritious Cereal Year 2023

The year 2023 has been declared as the International Year of Millets. The International Year of Cereals will provide opportunities for all to increase production of nutritious cereals globally, ensure efficient processing and use, and promote better communication across the food system to promote cereals as a key component of the food basket.

Major cereals include Jowar, Bajri, Nachani while minor cereals include Rala, Kutki, Koda/Kodra, Sawa and Bhagar. The said cereal will be sold under the brand name “Jagar” (जागर).

Geographical Indication

Geographical Indication is a special feature, quality and uniqueness of a product or product due to a specific location. The extraordinary properties acquired by the goods and products are created by the specific water, soil, atmosphere and other natural elements of that place. Geographical indications are used to identify agricultural, natural and manufactured goods originating from a particular area.

Marketing Federation has decided to market and sell GI products by providing national and international market for the agricultural products of the state with geographical indication (G.I. Tagging). At present, a total of 11 GI agricultural products namely Mangalvedha Jowar, Navapur Turdal, Pune Ambemohar Rice, Ajra Ghansal Rice, Bhandara Chinnor Rice, Dahanu Chikku Powder, Vengurla Cashew, Sangli Currant, Vaigaon Turmeric, Sangli Turmeric and Bhiwapur Chilli Powder along with Kolhapur Ragini and Solapur Jowar This non-GI product is being sold through the District Marketing Offices of the Marketing Federation, Retail Centres, Sales Festivals and Credit Societies under the brand name “Mahamarkfed” of the Marketing Federation.


Bhagirath Fertilizer info