The Maharashtra State

The Maharashtra State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd.

Corporate Profile

The Maharashtra State Cooperative Marketing Federation (MSCMF) was registered in 1958 as an apex society for agricultural marketing and processing cooperatives. It started functioning in the year 1959 with the main objective of creating an institutional agency for the marketing of agricultural produce and supply of requisite agricultural input to the farmers. Other objectives of the Federation include guiding the working of member societies, assisting them in enlarging their activities, promoting and establishing its own processing and manufacturing units, etc.


Since its inception, the Maharashtra State Cooperative Marketing Federation has been engaged in activities like trading / distribution of fertilizers, supply of agricultural equipment and accessories, processing of pulses, paddy and oilseeds, and manufacture of cattle feed and granulated fertilizer.


Formed with a view to champion the farmer’s multi¬farious interests and activities in a rapidly growing food based economy, the Maharashtra State Co-operative Marketing Federation Limited has continued its unstinting efforts in providing Indian agriculture a dependable rallying nucleus.


The Federation’s methodology and its understanding can be derived as below.


Understanding of the Federation and its objectives:

The MSCMF is an apex society for agricultural marketing and processing cooperatives in the State of Maharashtra. It operates through District Marketing Offices in each district. Many co-operative marketing societies in the State are affiliated to the Federation.


The main objectives of the MSCMF are:
  1. To create an institutional agency for the marketing of agricultural produce and supply of agricultural inputs to farmers
  2. To work as nodal agency/Agent for purchase and sale of fertilisers, seeds, agricultural equipments and accessories for the member societies.
  3. To guide the working of member societies and assist them in enlarging their activities
  4. To promote their inter-state and international trade in agricultural commodities and farm inputs
  5. To provide market intelligence to member societies
  6. Coordinate the working of affiliated marketing societies
  7. Construction of godowns and cold storage plants
  8. Installation of processing units

» Maharashtra State Government and
» Agricultural Marketing and Processing Societies other than cooperative sugar factories and spinning mills as on 31.3.2010, 794 Cooperative marketing societies are A-class members of the Federation. These members are having voting rights for election of the Directors of the Federation.


All individuals, companies and other corporate bodies having business dealings with the Federation are admitted as Nominal Members. Co-operative Societies registered in Maharashtra & other states, other than those mentioned in the above paragraph, can be enrolled as Nominal Members. Nominal Members cannot vote or participate in the Federation’s Management. These members are also called as B-class members.


The Board of Directors consists of one representative each from all districts in the State elected by the Agricultural Marketing and Processing Societies, Managing Director of Federation as Ex-Officio Member, the Commissioner of Co-operation and Registrar, Co¬operative Societies, three representatives of women in the State who are members of the Co-operatives, one representative from State representing

» Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and
» Weaker Section of the community and three representatives of recognised employees union Besides, Directors of certain co¬operative institutions are also included in the Board, provided such representation is on reciprocal basis. Such institutions include Maharashtra State Consumers Federation, Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank and Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh.

The Members of the Board are elected for a period of five years. The Chairman and the Vice Chairman are elected amongst the Board of Directors every year.


For the purpose of supervising and guiding the working of the Federation in different fields, Committees comprising a few members of the Board have been constituted. These Committees are Executive Committee, Staff Committee, Food grain and Machinery Committee. These Committees meet as and when required. The Board of Directors meet at least once in three months or more frequently depending on the official business.

The various activities undertaken by the MSCMF

The activities of the Federation focus primarily on bettering agricultural produce and pricing.

  1. Procurement of foodgrains lime Jowar, Maize, Bajara and Paddy etc. under Minimum Support Scheme of Govt of India.
  2. Manufacture of cattle feed with brand name “Vaibhav” and granulated fertilizers with brand name “Bhagirath”.
  3. Distribution of fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural equipment and accessories
  4. Implementation of Mid Day School meal (Shaleya Poshan Aahar) sponsored by Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.

The importance of the Maharashtra State Cooperative Marketing Federation can be comprehended only when the sheer impact that it has on Maharashtra’s agricultural scene can be understood.

The State of Maharashtra is highly industrialized; still agriculture continues to be the main occupation of the rural people. The major crops grown in the state include rice, jowar, bajra, wheat, pulses, cotton, sugarcane, several oil seeds including sunflower, groundnut and soybean, turmeric, onions, and other vegetables. Maharashtra is also famous for its fruit production.